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You have all kind of assets, these can be wealth items, journal entries of importance, or passive collections. Over the years you have obtained many things, needed to journal things, and are passionate about your hobby that are stored in your house, things you have done, in the garage, in accounts held by banks, and in stock market services. All of these things are worth money, you need to preserve them, and as needed pull them up; now granted they may not be at full value because you’ve been using them for quite some time, but nevertheless they are worth something. How much are they worth, well; you never know unless you begin tracking them. Now if you don't care, then don't waste your time here. However if you would like to know what your worth, what things you have worked on(journal), and the state of your hobby items and want a way to capture and save this information on your a personal computer then stay with us and learn how we can help you get and keep the information you have on your possessions.


Hello, and welcome to MYOOGLE, my name is Marty  and I am happily retired. Well I was happy until I began looking at my retirement life, my savings, my stuff, and the inevitable fact that eventually I would pass away, a coin collection I work with, and then my paper journal which needs an update. My hope is that others see the same benefit for this little program cause God only knows I'm not going to get rich over this, I just want to share it with others to cover costs.

Did you ever wonder :

What am I worth in dollars.

What kind of stuff do I have? (house, cars, lawnmower, etc. etc.)

How would I be able to tell the insurance company what I had and lost due to a fire, flood, or twister?

When I pass on, how would my wife or kids be able to find out how to:
 Get a list of stuff I own and the telephone numbers?
 See just how much my estate is worth in rough numbers?
 Be able to provide a list to the Lawyer to settle the estate?

I really need to find a way to better record ideas and things that happen to me at different times.

My hobby in collecting and recording what I love doing.

These are just some of he concerns I had when I started to think about those things. Now that I have time in retirement, and after 45 years as a manager/programmer in the computer business I decided to help myself with a small database and that’s what we are all about. This is a combination of a small database engine that has been targeted at your wealth, your journal, and your collections and a process that brings all this to your attention and gives you the means to know just what your worth, items in a journal that reminds you of things, an of course your collections hobby.