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myoogle is just another word for passion! After a career in the computer industry we turned to photography. Doing that for a while was okay, but not great. I always liked the strip bars and of course, the girls that worked there; however, I wanted to develop something else that was more simple and direct. I started with doing videos outside with the girls but learned real quick that doing so could end up getting me a fine. Instead I focused on what they call "Green Screen" where I could go out and shoot video scenes and then shoot the girls in the living room, and put the two together in the computer room and end up with a nifty striptease scene.


You'll notice that you start with a lady and teach her how to strip. By this I mean, to go slow, show the guys your body, turn all ways and tease. Next it takes years to get them to go completely nude and finally finish on their back going off. The girls require a long period of working with you to build a degree of trust before they will enter into fully nudity. Yes, your right; with enough money you can make things happen a lot quicker. In my case, I started this as a hobby and a project to see if I could talk the girls out of their clothes and go nude etc. and produce a product that I found nifty.


Many people may not like my products and hey that's okay. If you feel that way by all means don't buy them from me. These movies are not striptease as you see in the striptease joints or on the web where the guy tries to get the lady(his wife) to strip but shes his wife and you know how that goes. My ladies are models first so they know how to look at the camera, know how to turn, how to take a piece of clothing off, and how to show off her best parts. Hiring strippers was another thing I started with but they all had this idea of doing gymnastics and climbing a pole, which didn't take me long to realize that this was not what I wanted either. I think I have a nice product, and I will admit its not for everyone; but if you like nice ladies, dressed in regular clothes, that know how to model, that know how to look into the camera, that know how to move and perform then this is the product for you. Otherwise, if you have any reservations, Please don't buy the product I don't need to get rich off this effort. I built this as an exercise and to share what I build and to finish off my project as I see it and see if what I thought could be a nice product come true.