Features list app interacting with your personal information

Living Document

make list A dynamic database where you can interactively add bits of  information over time as it relates to your wealth, your journal entries, and your collections where having it stored into records in your database by categories, and then at a touch of your mouse have the information right in front of you. 

In addition, the screens on the computer are all built with larger fonts, areas for input, and touch areas for computers like Microsoft Surface.

When the unexpected happens

We never know what is waiting for us around the next turn. MYOOGLE is your response to giving your family the information to:
Settle an insurance claim as a result of a fire.
Settle your estate because you or your spouse has passed away.
Settle your curiosity about how much you own or owe or where is it?
What about things I want to remember? 

Having a Journal to put them in is a heaven sent?

What happen with my collection of whatever?


There maybe many ways you could do this same process, but you won't be able to do it as simply as MYOOGLE.