Welcome to myoogle - Where our ladies model the striptease--PURCHASING COMING SOON


Our ladies modeling striptease

Jenny Lee
Kimmie Anne
Ginger Lee

Here are all the ladies that perform in our videos for your viewing satisfaction. Below is a brief description of each lady. 


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moogle Ladies

Our Ladies


All of our ladies are basically models or at least that's the way they started their careers and then moved into various things like fetishes and the like.

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Ginger Lee


Ginger Lee comes to us from Los Angeles California and is a striving actress and model that performs to the best we could ask for. 

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Jenny Lee


Jenny Lee performs for myoogle as comes from New York City. Featured here in a silver short dress she is a real performer and does the Striptease like no one else.

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Josie is our model and actress that comes from Philadelphia Pa and has numerous products on the internet but what she does for us is just what you want.

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Kimmie Anne


Kimmie Anne comes to us from NorthEast Philladelphia PA and has performed at numerous striptease clubs in the area.

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Savannah comes to us from Georgia and has an extensive history of performing all over and in various fetish features. For us we have acive background striptease but also feature a special "LUSH" vibrator set of shows your certainly no going to forget to quickly.

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